Do I Need to Register My Business in New Jersey?

Welcome to the New Jersey Online Business Training Service. You can use this simplified service to submit training and authorization certificates for business entities. Subcontractors and contractors must provide a business registration certificate when doing business in New Jersey. There are other public agencies where proof of registration is needed to obtain the license with the commission, such as the Casino Control Commission.If the web domain is available, it's likely that the name will also be available in a business search.

A lawyer who understands business law will guide you through the entire incorporation process in New Jersey, from selecting a business name to filing your Certificate of Incorporation with the Treasury Department and filing annual reports. This is an overview of the rules on how to qualify your foreign (non-New Jersey) limited liability company (LLC) to do business in New Hampshire. There must be a record of all new domestic businesses in New Jersey and foreign (out-of-state) corporations, limited companies, limited liability companies, and limited liability companies.All general associations and any company with employees must first obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. Businesses that have contracts with public agencies in New Jersey, such as local governments, state agencies, universities, school boards, and casinos, will require a business registration certificate that will serve as proof of company registration.

If your company is organized as a corporation rather than an LLC, the rules and requirements for foreign qualification in New Jersey are similar. To do this, file a business registration application with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury (DOT).To use a different name to conduct business, business owners must apply for a New Jersey alternative name, also commonly known as a doing business name (DBA). Only those companies that file this form are vulnerable to a nexus review by the Tax Division. Unlike most other states, New Jersey does not have a paper version of the registration form that is specific to LLCs.

If the company name is already in use, the foreign company must establish a DBA name or “do business as”.In addition, a member or manager of your LLC is not liable for the company's debts, obligations, or other liabilities solely because the company conducted business transactions in New Jersey without a certificate of authority. A DBA name is the only way that sole proprietorships and general partnerships have a different business name. If your LLC conducts business in New Jersey without a certificate of authority, you cannot file a lawsuit in the state. Once you have successfully completed both of the above applications, you will be able to obtain a Certificate of Business Registration (BRC) for public procurement and application for state grants and tax credits.

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