Does nj require dba registration?

Only foreign companies can use a dba trade name. Domestic companies do not have this option. National (New Jersey) company registration may be rejected when a “dba” name is used. You can fill out Form C-150G online, by mail, in person, or by fax.

You must also file this document in duplicate, unless you are a non-profit organization, where you must do so in triplicate. Alternate names are valid for five years in New Jersey. DBA registration saves homeowners the money and time it would take to create a separate LLC or corporation just to change the company name. Before starting the DBA filing process, it's a good idea to search the Middlesex County business name database.

Sole proprietors who file a New Jersey DBA with a county clerk must expect a processing time of at least two weeks. Finally, if the entity wishes to discontinue the use of its DBA name in New Jersey, for any reason, it may do so by filing a Form C-150B to terminate the DBA. LLCs and corporations must file the Corporate Alternate Name Termination Certificate form to withdraw their New Jersey DBA. It is possible to create a federal trademark for a DBA, which would offer greater protection across state lines.

However, the business entity to which the DBA belongs will need protection against losses that may naturally occur in the course of the business, such as property damage or lawsuits. An alternate name registration is required for any person or entity that intends to conduct business under a false name. When the filer submits the required information for the DBA, they must attach a copy of the corporate resolutions formally adopted by the New Jersey DBA. Withdraw your DBAYou can cancel your New Jersey alternative name by completing the Corporate Alternate Name Termination Certificate form.

You can renew your New Jersey DBA online or by mail using the Alternate Name Registration Renewal form. Once you reserve a domain name for your DBA, consider setting up a business phone system to help strengthen your customer service and increase credibility. Filing a New Jersey DBA (doing business as), also known as an alternative name or business name, is a simple process that is done at the county level or with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, depending on the structure of your business. We can search for available business names, file documentation for your DBA, and even connect you with an attorney who can help you answer specific questions.

There are some state laws that prevent the use of DBAs that are too similar to existing ones, but your name is not protected in New Jersey. Now that you know how important a DBA name can be to your company, you may be wondering how to get one.

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