Is nj ein and entity id the same?

An EIN is a 10-digit unique identifier used for your non-tax records.) Your company's EIN number (this is a unique 9-digit identifier provided to you by the federal government for your business). In order for us to process your PIN request, you must provide us with your NJ corporate identification number. If you don't know your NJ corporate identification number, you can access it through the Revenue Division's Business Records Service & Enterprise Services by searching for business entity name. Your New Jersey Employer Registration Number will match your nine-digit Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).

Whether you establish your company as an individual-owned company or a company that is wholly owned by another corporation, the new company will need an EIN. In addition, for those who have previously obtained an EIN, a new EIN number may be required if there are changes related to organization or ownership. If you're a foreigner who formed a New Jersey LLC, you can still get an EIN without having an SSN or an ITIN. The responsible party to the EIN is a person who files with the IRS when you apply for an EIN for your New Jersey LLC.

States use the federal EIN for tax reporting purposes, because it provides seamless communication with the federal government by verifying business information, such as reported federal taxes. An EIN number stands for employer identification number and the IRS will issue it to your New Jersey LLC. If there was an error with your first EIN application or if you need to cancel your EIN number for any reason, simply mail a cancellation letter to the IRS. If you have a federal employer identification number (FEIN) assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), your New Jersey tax identification number is your FEIN followed by a 3-digit suffix.

If you don't have an FEIN, your New Jersey tax identification number is usually the social security number of the primary business owner followed by three zeros. Your New Jersey Employer Registration Number matches your nine-digit Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). The EIN is just one type of taxpayer identification number (TIN) that identifies your New Jersey LLC with the IRS. If a company has employees or will have employees in the future, the business owner must apply for an EIN for that company.

The only companies that can get an EIN over the phone are exempt organizations (such as nonprofits) and foreign companies (companies incorporated outside the United States). Moving the company to another state does not change the EIN; the company maintains the same EIN for the life of the company. Business owners need to complete their EIN application before starting their business or if they are trying to set up a new company.

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